The Mocas Group is an art-consulting firm focusing on the art need of corporations, both local and international, public institutions and private collectors. Since 1990, we have provided art services including:


defining project goals and objectives

The Mocas Group Consultants ask the right questions to elicit corporate objectives. A client may wish to communicate company history, company values, corporate diversity, global scope of business or simply to inspire the imagination. The Mocas Group has the means and expertise to achieve the desired result.


budget development

The Mocas Group consultants understand that budgets are important. We are skilled at operating within client budgets, and at developing realistic budgets when none exist.


art location specification

The proper placement of art is a key factor in maximizing the impact of art, while at the same time minimizing the cost of the art program. A thorough evaluation of the client site results in recommendations for art sites; size and scale of works, and even media best suited to the environment.


art search and acquisition

The Mocas Group Art Consultants assist clients in art acquisition by performing an art search for each project. After reviewing our extensive inventory and library, we visit artist’s studios, galleries, dealers, and community art organizations to locate works appropriate for the client. We then arrange for the art to be viewed in the client space. Facilitating site specific commissions is another service we provide to our clients.


art inventorying and cataloguing

Clients with large art collections use our services to track and account for their pieces. Creating an inventory listing with artist, medium, date created and date acquired and a record of art locations assists facilities managers at growing business with their duties.


archival framing services

We offer our clients archival framing services to insure the preservation of art. Our framing is selected to enhance the artwork and also to complement the business environment.


global shipping and installation

Global clients require a network of reliable experienced art shippers and installers. By offering these services, we become the business client’s resource for one-stop art acquisition.


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