Artist Highlight: Leslie Allen

“Big Valley” 60” x 60” Oil on Canvas.


“Learning to Fly” 48” x 36” Oil on canvas and “Puzzle Terrain” 36” x 35” Oil on canvas.


Artist’s Statement:  I set out to make art and simply do it by moving through it. I tell stories by way of quirky cartoons, moody landscapes, gestural figures and large juicy abstract oil paintings, each revealing something about relationships, weather, attitudes, or just textures and the nature of paint. Making art is the way I gather in the world around me, draw on my own history, use the language of the materials and concoct fiction that might just happen to resonate with others.

I get the most enjoyment from working in series because it challenges me to project ideas and responses forward and it keeps me from slipping backwards and treading in my own footsteps. Plus, it’s a great way to keep focused on an idea while exploring the places it can take me.

Recently, I’ve also been working in collaboration with artist and architect Barry Peterson, my husband and partner in our studio. From on-location drawings made in local neighborhood venues and while traveling (whether in the California Delta or Paris), we convert the drawings into monotypes using xerox lithography and other transfer techniques and after printing, we often work back into the images with other media to create rich and lively monoprints.

Corporate Patrons:
Alliance Capital Management, San Francisco CA
Boeger Winery Inc., Placerville CA
Doral Park Avenue Hotel, New York NY
Espire Communication, Tulsa OK
Fox, Wang and Morgan, San Jose, CA
Phillip Burton Federal Building, San Francisco, CA
Federal Home Loan Bank, San Francisco CA
Hansen Bridgett, San Francisco CA
Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach CA
Murphy Pearson Bradley & Feeny, San Francisco CA
San Jose Water Company, San Jose, CA
Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold, LLP, San Francisco CA
US First Credit Union, San Mateo, CA

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