Artist Highlight: Aaron Petersen

Nest, oil on aluminum, 60”x60”x4”

Ascent, oil on aluminum, 47.5”x47.5x3”


Shuffle, oil on aluminum, 36”x97”x3” (2 panels)


Proving Ground, oil on aluminum, 24”x45”x3” (2 panels)


Flicker (17-20), oil on aluminum, four panels 8”x8”x3” each


Installation view of Safe Passage, oil on aluminum, 52”x133”x3” (10 panels)


Artist’s Statement by Aaron Petersen

There is a simple structure upon which I build each painting:  control and chaos, this balance of looseness and control becomes the foundation I build upon.

In my version of our environments, I study aspects of being human in regard to how we navigate ourselves, culture and our world; not just the grids of civilization and nature-based imagery, but also notions of the unseen.  I attempt to crash a playful sense of color and mark making into something verging on the unsettling.  The oozing, dripping, whizzing marks suggest a pending eruption or the steady motion of a churning process indicative of generation and regeneration.

I am fascinated with the dialogue created as disparate worlds collide.  My aim is to give the viewer a glimpse into an unseen world that surrounds us daily, even as I find myself bewitched by the beauty, lusciousness and mystery of the paint itself.

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