Artist Highlight: Peter Kitchell

Top Drawer, original painting with digital prints mounted on assemblage of multiple panels, 92”x36”


San Francisco Series, digital prints with pigmented inks


Light and Steel Series, digital prints with pigmented inks #29.

Light and Steel Series, digital prints with pigmented inks #18


Artist Bio: How does an artist continue to reinvent himself?  Peter Kitchell uses new technologies in his recent works while staying true to his artistic vision.

Peter was encouraged to paint at a very young age and began his formal training at the Modern Art Museum and DeYoung Museum in San Francisco at the age of five. He continued his education at the San Francisco Art Institute and the California College of Arts and Crafts,

After working in the Bay Area for many years, in 1985 Peter left for the forests of New England. Unruly nature became his new inspiration. By the early 90’s, Peter created a lecture series, “Twice Seen.”  The series develops the idea that his many media, and the visions they illuminate, are all perceived with the same inner eye.

Whether through a lens or a brush Peter’s vision organizes the world in the same way. When one compares his photographs and abstract paintings from very different times and places over a twenty-year period, the similarities are astonishing. Peter’s work of assembling random parts into images has become more organic. This has eventually led to his current process of assembling images into collages which combine painting with digital photography.

Peter continues to paint background textures in the studio to collage with the photography. When traveling he paints outdoors in watercolor. Thirty years of wandering have taken him through ancient mud cities of Saharan Africa to Mayan temples in the dry heat of the Yucatan and provide him with much of his inspiration. More recently he has taken extended trips to ruins in Tuscany, and the temples of central India and Japan.

Local Peter Kitchell installations for clients of The Mocas Group:  Visa Inc., San Francisco, CA; The Moldaw Family Residences at the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life, Palo Alto, CA; Genesis Engineering, San Jose, CA; The San Jose Water Co., San Jose, CA; Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Emeryville, CA

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