Project Highlight: The Moldaw Family Residences

Project: The Moldaw Family Residences
Location: 899 Charleston, Palo Alto, CA
Architect: Steinberg Architects

Proposed art concepts for the main lobby by Tracey Adams.


Artwork installed in focal and transitional areas. “Loops and Verses” and “Divine Comeback”, iris prints by Leslie Allen.


Left:Photographic series by Caroyl LaBarge Right:“Earth Horizon”, aluminum print by Donna Geissler.


“Rose Trellis” and “Nasturstiums”, iris prints by Kim Parker.


The Moldaw Family residences at 899 Charleston are an integral part of the new Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life which opened in Palo Alto in late 2009.  The Mocas Group Art Consultants were involved with the project for over two years, from initial budgeting through art selection, framing, installation and delivery of an online catalogue of artworks to be made available to the residents.

To promote the local art community and support the local economy, art consultant Mary Mocas gathered images from Northern California artists for review by the design and client decision makers. Area artists and framers were utilized in order to generate a smaller carbon footprint for this green focused project. Because most of the residents of 899 Charleston are from Northern California, the aesthetics and visual experience are geared toward art unique to the region.

The specific criteria set forth for the art were that it include color and life along with an attitude that is positive, optimistic and modern. The artwork selected accents the warm color and contemporary features of the interiors and mirrors the active lives of the residents. The spectacular results of the art selection process can be seen in the vibrant pieces throughout the space, all of which contribute to the lively social atmosphere at 899 Charleston.

  • There are currently 244 works of art installed
  • The work of 53 individual artists can be found in the collection
  • Of these works, 75% are by Northern California/ Bay Area artists and were printed by local fine art print studios or created locally
  • Thirty are original pieces, including diverse media such as woodblock, monotype, mixed media, paintings, photography and more
  • 162 of the artworks are limited edition fine art prints  /52 are open editions

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