The Mocas Group Has Moved to a New Nest

Piranga ludoviciana, Western Tanager



The Mocas Group Art Consultants Has Moved to a New Nest

As of Tuesday 5/31/11 our new address is:

5 Liberty St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

All other contact info remains the same,
though our phone line may be down temporarily while being transferred to the new office.
Feel free to contact us 415-777-9751 as we transition into our new space.

This month we are pleased to highlight the photography of Sharon Beals

Nest Series




Artist’s Statement: Bird nests, even without knowing which birds constructed them, seem hardly possible. Creations of spider’s web, caterpillar cocoon, plant down, mud, found modern objects, human and animal hair, mosses, lichen, feathers and down, sticks and twigs–all are woven with beak and claw into a bird’s best effort to protect their next generation.

But survival for so many birds is tenuous in a modern world where habitat loss is as common as the next housing development, and even subtle changes in climate can affect food supply. It is my hope that capturing the detailed art form of the nests in these photographs will gain appreciation for their builders, and inspire their protection.

The nest and eggs specimens, collected over the last two centuries, were photographed at The California Academy of Sciences, The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, and The Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology. While few nests are collected today, these nests and eggs are used for research, providing important information about their builder’s habitats, DNA, diseases and other survival issues.

Artist Bio: Raised in Seattle, but working in San Francisco for the last 25 years, Sharon photographs people and other creatures on location and in the studio.

She uses photography as an art form, and as a way to chronicle what moves her heart, and concerns her conscience from habitat restoration, plastic in the ocean, to the ecology of rivers, and of course, bird’s nests.

Sharon’s work has been on the cover of Audubon Magazine, April 2008 and will be featured in the August 2011 issue of Scientific American. Her photography is in many private and corporate collections, including the Kaiser Foundation and the Fisher family collection, and are used for educational displays in The California Academy of Sciences. In 2010 purchased by The Art in the Embassies Program of the US State Department: A permanent installation of four large pigment prints of nests of birds common to the United States and Latvia for the US Embassy in Riga, Latvia.

To see more of Sharon Beals’ work or to find additional artists for your projects, contact The Mocas Group Art Consultants

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